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Ống kính Hasselblad Carl Zeiss Sonnar 150mm f/4

Field Test: Hasselblad (Carl Zeiss Sonnar) 150mm f4 T

Got the above at a price I can't refuse (with option to return) more than a week ago. It got a scratch at the back element (probably from re-cocking the lens) and some spots in the front element. The intended use was for close up of flowers where manual focusing is not bad. Since I didn't detect the effect of the mentioned flaws, I decided to keep it and have some fun on it.

To those familiar with Hasselblad lenses, what I have observed are probably boring already but for a first time user like me; it opened up some fun adventures. The details and image characteristics seems to justify the cost and the reputation :~) (sorry to be a bit smiling here but I have cheap lenses that might be clinging on its tail for the subjects I am doing). The long focus throw gives me a wider range for getting usable focused shots. Used a Fotodiox Hasselblad to Minolta/Sony adapter for my Sony A700.

The details on that lens are available online. All images done hand held, JPG, cropped and basic PP. Some settings in images but I got tired putting it in after doing a few.

With 1.4X TC

With extension tube

By itself

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