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Wireless live Remote Control for CaNon & Nikon


This unit is an excited useful device that acts as a wireless LCD live view screen for your DSLR camera with shutter release control function. It lets you control your camera from an Up to 200 meters) distance by 2.4G signal transfer technology. With the CCTV and AV mode, this unit supports all cameras with and without AV-out socket. The bright 3.5” TFT LCD displays great quality pictures even under bright sun light.

NOTE: The AV mode only works with cameras with AV output socket, and the CCTV mode works with all cameras in the compatible listing.



Certified CE or FCC standard ISM 2.4GHz channel .

Real-time monitoring of surrounding view from CMOS or directly from camera lens

Support single, BULB and delayed shooting

Operating range up to 200M

3.5inch TFT screen; resolution of 320 x 240; 10 levels LCD backlit brightness adjustments; sleep mode setting.

Wide range of power options: rechargeable batteries, alkaline batteries, carbon batteries, etc.

Wide compatibility: suitable for wide range of cameras with correct connectors.

Screen shot function: save display images in receiver for reference; and available for review .

Enlarged CMOS view:  enlarged view under CMOS live-view mode with four-direction scrolling.

Video output: video and audio output to TV.

AV/CCTV modes:

AV mode: The receiver panel displays the same image as looking through the viewfinder. This mode is for cameras with AV-out socket.

CCTV mode: There's a camera in front of the transmitter. The receiver panel displays the image from this camera. This mode is extremely useful for cameras without AV-out socket.

Zoom and move: On CCTV mode, you can zoom the view and scroll in 4 directions. This is useful for Macro Photography and other uses.

Display: The 3.5" LCD supports 10 levels adjustable brightness, [compared with 3.0" LCD on the old one]

Multi channels

Supports backlight auto-sleep function

Image Saving: Saving the image before and after the shutter has been pressed

Image Playback

Video Output: support for video and audio output from the remote unit to TV or other device

More excellent functions on this unit are waiting you to try.



Place of Original:

Shenzhen, China(Mainland)

Brand Name:


Model Number:

Pixel LV W2

Compatible Brand:



LCD Size: 3.5 inch TFTLCD display.


Resolution: QVGA (320×240).

LCD Brightness: 10 levels adjustable brightness

Backlight Sleep: Support auto-sleep function

FSK: 2.4GHz ISM, digital FH communication, standard CE ,FCC compliance


Operation Range: more than 200M without any interference.

Multi-working Mode: one receiver works with four transmitters

Voice Input: transmitter inputs


Voice Output: receiver outputs, 10 levels adjustable volume

Battery: 4X AA, Rechargeable battery, Alkaline battery, Carbon battery (Battery not included)

Power Supply

External Power Supply: Transmitter DC 5V input, Receiver USB to 5V Power Source (Power supply not included)

Standby Time: Transmitter 100 hours. Receiver 500 Hours (1.2V2400mA battery.)

Working Time: Transmitter, 10 Hours, Receiver, 12 Hours. (1.2V2400mA battery.)

Transmitter: AV ,audio,DC5V power ,CMOS input and shutter plug


Receiver: USB power supply and audio AV output

Shooting mode: single , continue , delay

Function mode:

Image playback: Single image delete, all images delete

Zooming and move: support CMOS zoom in and 4-way directions moving

Video output: support video and audio output to TV

Menu: Shoot, image setting, pair setting, output setting, sleeping setting, version checking




Suitable for Nikon: D90, D700, D300 Series, D200, D3 Series, D2 Series, D1 Series, D5000, D7000 


Item Pictures:












Package Contents:

  • 1 X Expert Transmitter
  • 1 X Expert Receiver
  • 2 X Shutter Connecting Cable
  • 2 X Video Connecting Cable
  • 1 X A/V Connecting Cable (Optional Accessories)
  • 1 X English Instruction Manual


Compatible Device:


 Compatible device

Expert For Canon

Canon:       PowerShot G10,G11,
                  EOS 1000D,55D,450D,400D,350D,300D,60D,600D,1100D
                  EOS 30,33,50,300.
                  EOS 7D/5D Series/1D Series/50D/40D/30D/20D/10D
Pentax:      K7,K10,K20,K100,K200.
Samsung:  GX-1L,GX-1S,GX-10,GX-20
Contax:      645,N1,NX,N Digital.

Expert For Nikon

Nikon: D3X,D3,D700,D300,D200,D2Xs,D2Hs,D2X, D2H,D1H,D1X,D1;
            DSLR D90?D5000,D3100?D7000
Fujifilm: S5 Pro?S3 Pro.
Kodak: DCS-14n.

Expert For Sony

Sony:  DSLR a900,a850,a700,a550,a500,a450,a400,a350,a300
Konica Minolta Dynax :7D,5D,DiMAGE 9,7Hi,7i,7,5,4,3.
                                      DYNAX 7D,5D.

Expert For Pan/Oly

Olympus:    E1,E3,E10,E20
Leica:        DIILUX2,DIILUX3.

LCD Size: 3.5 inch TFTLCD display.
Resolution: QVGA(320240).
LCD Brightness: 10 levels djustable brightness. 
Backlight Sleep: Support auto-sleep function.
2.4GHz ISM,digital FH communication, standard CE ,FCC compliance
Operation Range: more than 200M (without interference)
Multi-working Mode: one receiver works with four transmitters
Audio output feature, adjustable volume

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