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Đèn Halogen Fresnel 300W

220V 300W HMI Fresnel Focusable Spot Light for Photography Studio Video Light
The Professional Transmissive Fresnel Light is characterized with high illuminance, even gradual change of light ray, well defined in Gather/Scatter, compact structure, as well as cute shape. When you need a small and light but high quality tangsten fresnel light, this compact kind is he best choice, especially suit for TV hall and studio middle with small - medium size. The equipment body is adopted by aluminum alloy materials with corrosion resistance characters. Besides small size, its short focus and wide-angle lens supply much more light output and distribution.
Detachable front folding barn door, you can adjust the four door to get different light angle
Light can be adjusted via a rotatable knob on the back of the light from "spot" to a narrowly focused beam.
Flat bottom make it can be putted on the ground
3m power cable with switch in the middle
Included an adapter for installing this spot light on light stand 

Bulb power: 300W
Ceramic foot: GY9.5
Power source: AC-220V
Color temperature 3200K
Lens diameter: Φ80mm
Plug type: EU
Size: 30 x 19 x 16cm
Total weight: 2.2kg

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