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Tilta Armor-Man 2 ARM-T02 Exoskeleton Support for Gimbals

As great as a gimbal stabilizer is, you still must hold it with your arms the whole time. TheTilta Armor-Man 2 is designed to take the weight off your arms, allowing for an entirely different experience.

The Armor-Man supports any gimbal with dual handgrips, including the Tilta Gravity, Freefly MoVI, and DJI Ronin. Its core components are a body vest and two spring-loaded arms that securely snap into the vest. Simply mount the gimbal on the arms, and operate it free of weight stress and with significantly improved stability. It will be more like steering the gimbal than actually holding it. Now you can boom the gimbal down as far as possible to the ground, with your focus more on the shot than on the weight of the gimbal.

Each arm features two spring-loaded sections, and the tension of each section is adjustable independently via a dedicated knob. On the end of each arm is a swivel-adjustable handgrip support for attaching your gimbal handgrips. When not in use, such as between takes, the arms can be swiveled down into a resting position. When you're ready to pack up for the day, the arms quick-release off the vest as easily as they attach, and the entire Armor-Man fits into an included custom hard case.

The vest is adjustable to fit most body types. It comes with a V-Mount battery plate secured to it, and a 4-pin LEMO connector for running power directly to the gimbal. Multiple cable clamps along the right arm allow you to neatly organize an optional power cable if needed. The included hard case is weatherproof and has a retractable handle, two wheels, and four quick release latches.

The Armor-Man also allows you to easily adjust camera settings, as it pretty much holds up the gimbal all on its own, leaving your hands virtually free.

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