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Tilta Cage Rig ES-T05 for Sony FS700

  1. (1) Top handle
    • ¼”-20 screw holes
  2. (1) NATO rail for top handle connection
  3. (1) Left side arm
    • (1) Arri Standard Rosette connection
    • ¼”-20 screw holes
  4. (1) Right side arm
    • (1) 15mm LWS top rod adapter
    • ¼”-20 screw holes
  5. (1) 15mm LWS baseplate
    • (1) Shoulder pad
    • (2) Arri Standard Rosette connections
  6. (1) 10″ Tilta Standard Dovetail
  7. (2) 15mm x 100mm rods
  8. (2) 15mm x 200mm rods
  9. (2) 15mm x 300mm rods
  10. (2) 15mm rod extension screws

Arm your camera with this Tilta camera cage specifically designed for the Sony FS700.

The cage’s top handle mounts to a NATO rail that rests above the camera. This NATO rail then acts as a bridge between two side arms that wrap around the camera and attach to the baseplate. The left side arm has an Arri Standard Rosette connection to allow you to attach a handle or any other rosette-based accessory. The right side arm on the other hand has a 15mm LWS rod adapter on top to allow you to create a 15mm LWS rod setup on top of your camera to allow you to mount accessories. The top handle and both side arms have several ¼”-20 mounting points to allow you to mount screw-based accessories.

On the bottom of the cage is a 15mm LWS baseplate that is compatible with Tilta Standard dovetail plates. The plate also has an ergonomic shoulder pad on the bottom so that you can quickly and easily detach from the dovetail plate and be shoulder mount-ready in no time. The plate also has Arri Standard Rosette connections on either side to allow you to attach handles for handheld operation.

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