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RCP-1 Remote Control Camera System

Remote Control Camera System
Product characteristics

RCP-1 is a long-distance remote control camera equipment, mainly divided into two parts of the camera base and remote control, in-depth compatible with DJI RS3 PRO stabilizer and Sony video microsingle and film cameras such as A7S3/FX3/FX30/FX6, can be easily mounted on the jib, tripod, car mount, slide, Wire and other types of equipment. It can be widely used in live events, performances, sports competitions, concerts, music festivals, weddings and wedding banquets, as well as film and television dramas, documentaries, outdoor reality TV programs.

Version Difference

There are two versions of RCP-1, please select according to your needs


First Generation Products










Multi-function remote controller


Multi-function remote controller with 3D joystick

Control Mode


dual-band wireless

Dual-band wireless + wired

Camera Mount

Stabilizer Power Base

No Control Interface

Remote camera base:

Stabilizer control port

Camera Remote Control Port

Power supply interface

Wireless band switching

Remote camera base:

Stabilizer control port

Camera/Camcorder Remote Control Port

Power supply port

Wireless band switching

Wired Control Interface

Compatible Stabilizers




Pre-stored key positions




Stabilizer Controls

D-BUS protocol

3-axis attitude control/direction switching

DJI RS SDK Protocol

3-axis attitude control/direction switching


DJI RS SDK Protocol

3-axis attitude control/direction switching

Speed adjustment/centering/lock/wake-up

Follow mode switching


Follow focus motor control


Focus wheel control

External motorized zoom/analog motorized zoom lens

Focus Wheel Control / 1 Way Focus Follower

External motorized zoom/analog motorized zoom lens

Camera Remote Control

(DJI RS compatible cameras)


Zoom, recording/photography, autofocus, etc.

such as A7SIII, FX3, FX30, etc., the

*The above cameras need to be used with a motorized zoom lens for the zoom function to work properly.

Zoom/Zoom Speed, Recording

/photography, autofocus

such as A7SIII, FX3, FX30, etc., the

*The above cameras need to be used with a motorized zoom lens for the zoom function to work properly

Camera Control

(lanc protocol)


Zoom, Recording

Zoom/zoom speed, focus, iris, recording, on/off, etc.

Iris, Recording, On/Off, etc.


Remote Control Camera Base

Adapt to DJI RS3 PRO/RS2 stabilizer, the base with power, wireless/wired, stabilizer, camera/camcorder and other control interfaces.


Multi-function Remote Controller

With 3D joystick, integrating stabilizer, camera/camera, and follow focus motor control, with simple and clear control.


RS3 PRO Remote Control

The remote camera system is deeply integrated with the DJI RS SDK protocol to control the DJI RS3 PRO's rotation, tilt, roll, motor lock, return and more.

*Compatible with DJI RS2 Stabilizer


External Motorized Zoom

DJI RS follow focus motor can not only follow focus operation, but also can simulate motorized zoom lens, use follow focus motor to achieve non-motorized lens external continuous zoom effect.

Example: Sony A7M4+SEL2070G Zoom Lens Kit


Camera Remote Control

The remote camera system enables control of video microcameras for Sony cameras with multi-purpose ports, such as the A7SIII, FX3, FX30, etc. It can control the camera zoom*, record, take pictures, auto focus, etc;


Camera Remote Control

The remote control camera system integrates the lanc protocol, which is suitable for most of the cameras with Φ2.5mm remote control jack, and can control the zoom, focus, iris, recording, switching on/off and other functions of the camera. Such as Sony Z90/FX6 and other models of cameras.


Pre-stored Key Position

The remote controller can set 2 key position frames to pre-store the position information of the stabilizer, focus motor and other equipment, so that the stabilizer and focus motor can be restored to the desired position at any time as needed.


Dual-frequency wireless remote control

The remote control frequency band can be switched between 868 or 915MHZ, and the control distance is more than 100 meters in the open environment. In addition, each band can also switch 4 frequency points, allowing the use of multiple devices in the same scene.


Wired Control

In addition to wireless remote control, it also supports RS485 wired control (RJ-45)*, digital communication protocol, stable and reliable signal, which can realize long-distance remote control across space and barriers, up to 1000 meters.


Handle Power

With the standard battery grip adapter, the base can be powered by the battery grip that comes with the DJI RS3 PRO/RS2, or by an external third-party power source.


Reinforcement Bar

The stabilizer has an extra layer of security with the integrated NATO rails, and the battery grip can be fixed to the stabilizer for a better user experience.


Excellent Expandability

The camera base with 3/8 and 1/4 screw holes can be mounted on all kinds of equipment such as jibs, car shooters, slides, tripods, light stands, and even wyatts by adapting the base plate or bowl adapter (100/75mm compatible).

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